The Dahlia Season in full swing and I can't get enough of these amazing peachy blooms.

Coming in a wide variety of amazing vibrant and pastel colours the Dahlia is a favourite among Florists and patrons in the summer and autumn seasons.

Dahlias can be a fleeting bloom once cut but there are a few tips and tricks you can use to enjoy them a little longer.

Firstly once you get your blooms home from the florist ensure that you put them straight into water. Gently remove any stems or foliage from the base, cut the stems on a 45 degree angle and place them into a clean vase of fresh water, preferably tepid.

Dahlias can benefit from searing, after cutting the stems on a 45 degree angle, gently pass the stems over the live flame from and match, candle or lighter.

Although Dahlias can be a little tricky the vast array of variety and vibrancy makes them worth the extra care and attention.

Autumn Brides

This week has been all about meticulously planning for what is going to be a HUGE April.

There are so many beautiful weddings on the horizon and I have the pleasure of working with so many lovely couples.

The weeks leading up to a wedding are so important, everything has to be inline to ensure that the big day goes smoothly and without any surprises. That is why it is essential to make sure everyone is in tune with each other, from the venues to the coordinator, suppliers, pastry chefs and everybody in between.

As we move into the autumn months the colour paletes are adjusting to the season and we are seeing some more moody and autumnal tones being incorporated into the themes of the weddings. Gorgeous peaches, plums, burn oranges and pastel pinks are being favoured in the months ahead.